Sunday, February 22, 2015


The good and the bad
The happy and the sad
All the living and the dead
It will stay with me
For eternity
My thoughts are a tornado
In my head



  1. Ahh, I see I'm not alone in how I feel right now...
    ...cursing this lower-rung-of-hell-winter,
    as thoughts from up and down the timeline crescendo in my head...
    Thanks bro I love your music and vision,
    an island of good vibrations in this sea of madness...
    ...saying goodbye to old friends...Fowley & Froese,
    two essential pillars to my heart and trailblazers for my soul,
    the world is just a bit grimmer and more colorless without ya bros
    (that empty humorless feeling like when we lost
    MCA and Harold Ramis)...
    The End Of An'll never leave my mind or my sight.
    Had some good times
    The pleasure was all mine
    Dancing with my dream
    The times were High
    And so was I
    Visions of motorcycles
    Dance inside your head
    The day the earth stood still
    real International Heroes of the Stratosfear
    Outrage the world with a Smile
    Thank You for everything brothers
    Fly Free!

  2. Thanks for the sentiments, bro. And yeah, this album is definitely a product of a way-too-long winter.