Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Michael Seven

Here's an extremely rare instro record that features sessioners Mike Melvoin, Louie Shelton and Hal Blaine.



  1. You might want to check this out:

  2. Elliott, thank you very much for this rare album!

  3. Cue File from this album::

    REM DATE 1969
    PERFORMER "Michael Seven"
    TITLE "Michael 7"
    FILE "01 Side One.mp3" WAVE
    TITLE "Hum A Song"
    INDEX 01 00:00:00
    TITLE "Figures"
    INDEX 01 03:09:00
    TITLE "Let It Be"
    INDEX 01 06:19:00
    TITLE "Vehicle"
    INDEX 01 10:26:00
    TITLE "The Thrill Is Gone"
    INDEX 01 13:18:00
    FILE "02 Side Two.mp3" WAVE
    TITLE "Make Me Smile"
    INDEX 01 00:00:00
    TITLE "I Wanna Give You All My Love"
    INDEX 01 02:49:00
    TITLE "Love Or Let Me Be Lonely"
    INDEX 01 06:03:00
    TITLE "Soolaimon"
    INDEX 01 09:08:00
    TITLE "Little Green Bag'"
    INDEX 01 12:51:00

  4. Glad you like it ... yeah, I snagged it on eBay. It's a pretty great little record.

  5. Super!!!
    Text from Back cover:

    I remember when Mike was paying his dues... accompanying the great and near great of vocaldom ... sometimes instrumentalizing in an upholstered sewer. He was scuffling, like the rest of us, a gig to make ends meet; a job to gam experience and exposure. He worked in L A.'s Harlem and its plastic canyons and valleys, Through it all he kept his integrity, never sacrificing taste for economic expediency, Once he even did an album on that synthetic monster, the Moog and seemed to make it sound like a legitimate instrument, which it is not.
    MIKE MELVOIN has mastered the keyboard ... the satellite instruments of electronics and made beautiful, meaningful things become sound happenings; he is a very hip, aware, young, together human being. That is the first prerequisite for a musician who can extend that into his work, lift a lead sheet or score, as it were, and bring it home to your heart and mind, Music is, I think, something emotional, beyond words and notes on paper. What good a gorgeous transcript, unless someone can lift it off the page and bring it home. Say ... do you remember when big bands wero alive arid woll and living in America? There wore dance bands ... Swig bands.. . . jazz bands and just plain bland bands. There were sections of brass, reeds and rhythm. Seated ! MI stage right, during instrumental, were a boy and girl singer. Sometimes one would get up and within four bars of muelC reach a big black microphone and croon (hopefully) if it was the boy... chirp (usually) If it was the girl. Sometime! these boy and girl singers would do it together... right there in front of everybody. This was called .> "duet." At any rate, il was a wonderful ora. Nothing adorned more satisfying than to hoar, live and in person, a band doing it together became they got it together; bookings, proms, ballrooms, Glen Island Casinos, the maroon reef of aomo cdgowator beach hotel. Some of the bettor known orchestras starred in movies; it wa«. all HI all a wonderful, memorable and sentimental time.

  6. ...
    Well, then was Hum and now iu now. The bands are gone. Oh! Every so often a group of musicians is gathered for another blast from the past. The auditorium Is filled with aging cltfeeni trying to bring it bock. It's all very nice for a moment or I wo, but then tho reality of the; years norm by leaves you wondering about tho might have boons or could have beeiis or what ifs. Old Timers' Game ,1! Yankee Stadium; what a totally depressing and degrading experience for a once proud champion, on exhibition in an ill-fitting uniform that won't move anymore. Wow! Lot mo remember tho greatness of Joe "D", Sandy Koufax, Stan Musial, Jackie Robinson, Tod Williams end Bob Feller as they wore. "Lot It Bo!' Here we are I he "now" era. (Isn't there always one') f he Beatles are the tree... tho others the branches. Sections of saxes, tromhoneji, trumpets and rhythm havo become seemingly obsolete as wo know them. Now, electronics, recording if hmi|ui's and skilled musicians havo formulated a now way of life. It la a good way and horo wo are together in this incredible ago of ficicntitlc owl technological accomplishment!., And it's only the beginning. Gool Neil Armstrong and his space cadet* made It and Vaughn Monroe, after racing with It for so long, finally grabbed a "Moon Maid" and threw in tho towel.
    Mike Meivom is now. After building fabulous surroundings for Peggy Lee's. latest album, ho charted tho course for the si-thugs herein (I hat Peggy I ee .tlhiirn, hy the way . . . "Bridge Over Troubled Wator" is, I think, her best in a longtime.) I ir.t, .md fnromoiit, the musicians, That is the key to any outing. Lvcn if, sometimes, an itom is not a total commercial success ... and no one really w/or really knows at a record date, at|8,t|cal)y. you have an accomplishment. Now, like doiriK a picture or a play, you hnvo an able cast; tho top star; in thoir flola. You find material commensurate with the limes .. . your players and compositions that stand up as compositions. You don't do an Impression of imitation (cover) of a hit record. Holl... you can buy tho damned original and, no doubt have. Wo hope you did. Ain't nobody gonna sing "Lot It Be," hotter thnn Paul and hir. group. And no B. B, Gunn will outdo King. So you do il your own way, rortpwctfully and most Important, honestly, with love for the original. Hoy.... I'm Speaking for Miko, and d.irn it, no spoaks for hlmrwlf better thnn I could. Ho tolls It like it Is tnruuKh his lanuungo. EnJoyl

  7. Nice! Thanks for posting this one E!! Much appreciated!! HappryRecord Store Day to you.

  8. I just found your blog and I now need to cancel the rest of my day to download the heck outta everything you got! I LOVE this kinda stuff, I'm not even sure what to call it? Exploitation? doesn't matter, I'm a huge fan. Especially those records of "chart topping hits" mimicked by studio session musicians. cant get enough 60s-70s dross and early 80s drek. I salute you! magnifique!

    oh, and a little P.S. I know how to add blogs to my reading list manually, but many aren't that savvy. If I may suggest; put a "followers" app somewhere, you can put it at the very bottom if it offends your aesthetic, but you should add it. It makes it easy to follow your excellent blog and you could get lots new followers who otherwise might not know how to add you! just a friendly suggestion. keep up the amazing fantastic work, I adore your taste in music!