Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Twelve instros in a brutal time.

BTW, it looks like some of you have been busy downloading this, so much so that I've exceeded this month's free-download allotment, and now Bandcamp has kicked my stuff into automatic pay mode. So if you want to play, you got to pay. For five bucks, you could do worse.



  1. Love it E!!
    Great tunes in this brutal apocalyptic hour,
    sounds so good...I'm flying thru a futuristic video game
    looking for that secret door!
    Great song titles too, love that last one - right On brother!
    Thank you!
    I got such a kick out of these gems, it inspired me to share a new mix,
    this one comes in three parts...

    The Hour Of Doom VII

    Part One - The Warning:
    1.The Strands Of The Future - Pulsar
    2.Nostradamus - First Aid
    3.Oye - P.L.J. Band
    4.River Man - Nick Drake
    5.The Warning II - David Axelrod
    6.The Warning III - David Axelrod
    7.Le Chant d'Orphee - Artcane
    8.Voyage Du Non-Retour - Carpe Diem
    9.O Ultimo Dia Na Terra - Jose Cid
    10.Flight - Pulsar
    11.Atlantis - Earth & Fire

    Part Two - The Hunt:
    1.Tumblers to The Vault - Syrinx
    2.Lilywhite Lilith - Genesis
    3.Alien Lightning Meat Machine - PTV3
    4.Power Of Giza - Robert Connolly
    5.Assault & Battery pt. I - Hawkwind
    6.The Golden Void pt. II - Hawkwind
    7.The Colony Of Slippermen - Genesis
    8.Puzzle/Omen - Pulsar
    9.Nuclear War In Your Brain - Sensations' Fix
    10.Message In A Bottle - Fred Israel

    Part Three - Fortune Teller:
    1.The Eve Of The War - Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds
    2.Bashar - Zed
    3.Thufir Hawat - Zed
    4.Sardaukar - Zed
    5.Superman Will Save The Day - Barnes & Barnes
    6.Space Commando - Inter Galactic Touring Band
    7.Garden Of Delights - Victor Peraino's Kingdom Come
    8.Space Plucks - Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come
    9.Galactic Zoo - Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come
    10.Metal Monster - Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come
    11.Future/Past - You
    12.El Tooto - Seventh Wave
    13.Star Peace~Odyssee Temporelle - Guy Skornik
    14.Timeship - Ash Ra Tempel & Timothy Leary
    15.Mastership - Starship Commander Woo Woo
    16.Wilderness Anthem - Another Roadside Attraction
    17.Utopia No. 1 - Utopia
    18.Code Of Honor - Barnes & Barnes

    We rise & shine!

    ps. after losing my hard drive last summer,
    finally getting all the pieces back together...I plan on reupping all the links to my shares that expired too :) ...been looking for a few things I loved that I can't seem to find....any chance for a reup of that PK Limited from 11/3/13?
    Thanks again my friend!
    Time for this PhishHead to get that CouchTour ON!!
    :) :) :)

  2. Thanks so much OC! I'll reup that PK Limited.