Sunday, August 6, 2017


You likely wouldn't know this, but yours truly is the author of the 33 1/3 book, "DJ Shadow's Endtroducing." You could give back and support this site by snagging yourself a copy. Just follow the link below or purchase one from your local bookseller (if such a place still exists in your 'hood).



  1. Hi Elliot!
    A'm looking album Pearl - Pearl (1977 London Records)
    (Debbie and Leslie Pearl)

  2. Here's a great post:

  3. Cool. The 1st 33 1/3 I read was Warren Zanes' Dusty In Memphis, then a per a recommendation on Audities (a mailing-list I ran for 14 years), read Joe Pernice's excellent Meat Is Murder. Not so big on DJ's & hip-hop, but I know someone who will love this. Reading your bio on Amazon, I see you wrote for Amplifier. Joe Joyce was an Audties-List participant. The music zine business was a tough racket - most are sadly gone.

  4. Yeah, most of the publications, including the Boston Phoenix, that I used to write for are now gone. It's a different time now, for sure. As for Endtroducing, you should give it a listen. It will likely turn your head around. It's up there with the "White Album" as one of my all-time favorite records.

  5. Thanks for the info E. I have the Pet Sounds and Song Cycle albums in the series. Congratulations!!


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