Sunday, July 2, 2017


One of my all-time favorite compilations.



  1. My Kind of classmates!
    Happy Holidays to you and yours my friend
    Thank you heartily for the Mondo Happiness
    you've laid upon us all brother!!
    a great gathering together of old Friends, new Friends...
    ...entering A Life Worth Living, rewarding and rich,
    intricate and subtle :)
    Here is my merry Xmas present to you brother,
    (everybody else too!)
    'Three Wandering Jedi'
    ~1st is a solstice mix I did in 2007,
    an extended suite of winter mystery & holiday magic:

    - Sailing The Arc ...

    ~2nd is a real gem from the golden age of the
    wonderful hearts of space,
    a true masterpiece (with help from mister spock so great!)
    highly recommended!!:

    - Whales Alive! ...

    ~3rd is the Nexus! My Jubilee Xmas Mix from 2011,
    a celebration of goodtimes and goodwill,
    graduating to higher octaves!
    with cheer from the whole Muppet Family!
    *good vibes included*

    - From All Of Us To All Of You ...

    May The Force Be With You!

  2. Not bad. Thanx fer the turn on...

  3. Thanks for your mixes ... peace to all!

  4. You're most welcome my friends, glad to share with you!
    At last it's Time to ring in The New :)
    May the Vibration of Life make all your wildest dreams come true!

  5. Today's key word in my album search is "GYPSY": Gyspy Boots & The Nature Boys - Unpredictable; Gypsy Elise & The Royal Blues - Redline; and the self-titled albums from Gypsy Moth and Gypsy Queen. Any thing available? Thank you!

  6. Sorry ... don't have any of those.

  7. Here's that Gypsy Boots request:


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