Sunday, November 5, 2017

John Davidson

Shiny happy person.



  1. I'm old enough to remember when this guy was worshiped by the housewives of America. He had a talk show in the early 1980s that my mom and her friends used to watch all the time.

    It's funny that in the opening cut -- a cover of the Classics IV's "Sunny" -- he manages to get the main lyrical hook wrong. It's "Bring back that SUNNY DAY" not "Bring back that SUN TO ME."

    The reason I find this amusing is that the same moms I knew who loved his show used to send us kids into hysterics when they constantly got song lyrics wrong while singing along with the radio. ("Say we'll be together once again" in "Got To Get You Into My Life," for instance.) Was Davidson unwittingly playing to his core audience by botching the lyric? Or am I putting more thought into this than he did?

    My only other Davidson memory is one year being over my high school g/f's family and watching a Christmas special he did where he was riding around on some horse and buggy (or something). When I saw this, I commented "You know, he's got slaves pulling that carriage." I cannot tell you how NOT FUNNY they found this. I still think it's funny. Several years later, they again got annoyed at me because I referred to "Rock Me Amadeus" as "F*** me Michelangelo."

    Anyway, thanks for the rip.

  2. Perhaps John thought "bring back that sun to me" was just too risque.

  3. This is EXACTLY the kind of post I have come to expect from you, and why I am now headed directly to PayPal to contribute another $20 as my way of saying "thanks for the cheese!"


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