Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Sun Child

Couldn't find out much about this one. It came out in '74 and it sounds like nothing else. Give it a spin.



  1. This guy is KEITH COLLEY. Fantastic Album, Thanks

  2. Thanks for the info ... I realize I actually have the Keith Colley CD that came out on Rev-Ola. I'll have to give it another listen.

  3. Far Out! What a wonderful surprise, like stumbling across a lost album by The Millennium hooked up with Jade Stone & Luv!!
    Sounds like they recorded this blast of good vibrations after a two-week acid binge! fucking great bro....I needed this. Thank you so much!

    ps. I lost my copy of The Bagatelle's great '11 pm Saturday'...do you happen to have a rip of that gem? Thanks again!


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