Friday, May 25, 2018

Gary Kuper


  1. So my computer, an iMac from 2010, is dying a slow death; the screen intermittently goes black. I took it to the Apple store and then a repair shop and was told that they don't make parts for this machine anymore. In the event, I may be shutting down this blog until I can afford a new computer.

  2. I totally get it E. I use a Mac G4 466 with a 20 GB hard drive from 2001 for my CD Spin Doctor (I know) projects only these days. I have a Macbook laptop for work. Once I get working again I will donate. Promise and thanks as always.

  3. Dam E
    hope things turn around for you,
    but I hear ya, fuckin nothing is easy right now,
    and it seems like its just endings and goodbyes and take-downs all around...with the smiling backstabbing and sabotage and
    general obstruction of anything good still getting alot of support.
    Thank you for everything,
    including this little gem,
    echoes of The Last Ritual gone to the country :)
    it reminds me that we can still create our own good vibrations and good fortune :)
    and you will wake up to some soon, unexpectedly,
    I just know it!
    ...the words of our esteemed colleagues come to mind,
    "And you can fly high as a kite, if you want to.
    Faster than light, if you want to.
    Speeding through the universe,
    Thinking is the best way to travel!"

  4. repair your computer and come back quickly

  5. Thanks folks ... the guy at the repair shop said that if I ran my computer for a limited amount of time each day it might last a little bit longer (but he did add that it was "living on borrowed time.") So I will try to stick a post up here when I can.

  6. Thoughts and prayers. My laptop is dying too atm... I'll see if I can spare some coins.