Monday, September 7, 2015

Prairie Madness

Some rare Chris Ducey for you. Check the comments for more info.



  1. Prairie Madness
    Produced by and featuring Matthew Fisher
    Prairie Madness (Columbia KC 31003): 1972

    Prairie Madness is Chris Ducey and Ed Millis, a guitar / piano duo who have been writing and performing together for 3 years in Los Angeles and Marin County, California, where they now live. The album was produced by Matthew Fisher, former Procol Harum organist, his first production since that group's A Salty Dog album.

    Track List
    Nothing for Sophia
    Up You Go
    Girl from Cincinnati
    Choo Choo Nairobi
    Shame the Children
    Sunbeam to his Heart
    Broke Down
    I'm Ready

    Chris Ducey, guitars; Edward Millis, piano, organ, Celeste; Jack Conrad, bass; Jim Young or Richie Hayward, drums. Matthew Fisher – organ on Up You Go, Moondust and Sunbeam to his Heart, harpsichord on Up You Go.

    Moondust, Sunbeam to his Heart, and I'm Ready – produced by Matthew Fisher; other songs produced by Matthew Fisher and Joel Sill.

  2. Thanks ge for the technical details of this album ... it's a pretty cool record.

  3. They lose points for excessive hair & sane seriousness however!
    ...but gain some back for having a cover photo
    landscape just like we got here

  4. Interestingly, I've discovered they released two versions of the single "Shame The Children". First issued in 1971 on a Columbia DJ mono/stereo promo #4-45482 (production NOT credited to Matthew Fisher, but only to Joel Sill). Then issued again in 1972 on a Columbia mono/stereo DJ promo #4-45645 but this time production is credited to both Sill & Fisher. Timing on the later issue is one second longer 3:17. Listened briefly to both but cannot tell if they are definitely different mixes and not knowing the song well enough I couldn't spot glaring differences, but I'd bet they are different.