Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Hillside Singers

Kinda makes you wanna do some coke.



  1. I just love bands with "Singers" in their names!
    Thank you

  2. warm and fuzzy
    hellyeah I'll take a bump with ya brother ;)
    take me home country roads
    Peace and Love
    It's The Real Thing
    it's time
    some of us Make the time to feed a hungry child
    Come In, have dinner with us
    the music of time calls
    sing it over
    the song A Life Worth Living now wants to be sung
    sing it over
    the Heroes And Villains all together
    sing it from the heart now
    sing it over
    from the Heart Now


  3. Wow, I remember that commercial on teevee, too. Must have been around 1970-ish?

    Thanks for this memory, EW!

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