Friday, June 27, 2014

Today's People

This one goes out to monkeeboy. See you on the flip side.



  1. Hi Elliot! I'm loocing
    Today's People - He (1973)
    and Ron Davies - I Don't Believe It (1978)

    Please help My.


  2. Here's the only track I have ripped:

  3. Alexandr ... the song "He" can be found here:

    I don't have that Ron Davies album, sorry.

    And Derek ... thanks for the track!

    1. On YouTube I've heard and not only this song.
      I would like to find the album.

  4. Sent you a donation E. Good luck!!

  5. Thanks monkeeboy. I'll give it a few more days and hopefully more folks will contribute.

  6. Come on gang pitch in.. This blog has been very good to you all and I'm grateful for the kind talk and great posts. I can only tell you from experience from other blogs please don't take the kindness of others for granted if you can. Thanks in advance everyone.

  7. "Today's People" on this album perform
    10 cover versions of songs:
    Side One>
    A1. You've Made Me So Very Happy (Blood Sweat & Tears)
    A2. (Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay (Otis Redding)
    A3. Goodbye Columbus (The Association)
    A4. The Fool of The Hill (The Beatles)
    A5. California Dreamin' (The Mamas & The Papas)
    Side Two>
    B1. What The World Needs Now Is Love (Jackie DeShannon)
    B2. Time of the Season (The Zombies)
    B3. Summer In The City (The Lovin' Spoonful)
    B4. Groovin' (The Young Rascals)
    B5. Lovin' Things (Marmalade)

  8. Thank you!
    And a special thanks for the five tracks of the Italian group Today's People from the album "HE" (1973)
    Where to find the remaining five tracks?

  9. Thanks for posting E. Don't know much about this album but will give it a try. Thanks for the shout out. Glad I could help in a small way. It's the least we can do from time to time.

  10. Hi Elliot! A'm looking album::

    Tony Orlando & Toni Wine - Orlando & Wine (1984)

    Label: Triad Records
    Catalog#: TELP 1002
    Released: 1984
    Country: US

    The album by the combination of men and women Toni Wine and Tony Orlando. Because you might have two of them, were enrolled of Dusk and Dawn, the brother and sister group of artists regeneration project, sides What a chance of this combination birth so. Album, AOR of the type to hear moist.

    Side One:
    A1. Close You Eyes (Chuck Willis) - 2:43
    A2. Raining in My Heart (Boudleaux & Felice Bryant) - 2:47
    A3. True Love (Cole Porter) - 2:32
    A4. Do I Ever Cross Your Mind (Michael Smotherman - Billy Burnette) - 3:04
    A5. A Special Kind of Love (Toni Wine - Carole Bayer) - 2:52
    Side Two:
    B1. Melinda (Michael Smotherman) - 3:43
    B2. I Ain't Got to Love Nobody Else (Charlie Moore - Lee Jones - Robert Wrightsil) - 2:56
    B3. I Love You Like I Loved My Very Life (Toni Wine - Irwin Levine - Phil Spector) - 2:59
    B4. She's Rolling Over and Over (in Someone Else's Clover) (Chips Moman - Bobby Emmons) - 3:22
    B5. All the Things We Do When We're Lonely (Tom Snow - Dean Pitchford) - 3:57

  11. Sorry, I don't have that one ... but it sure sounds good!

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