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Sole record from this sunshiny AOR-style band, produced by erstwhile Beach Boy Bruce Johnston. I might not care so much for it if it weren't on Buddah. BTW, I just updated this with a superior rip, so if you downloaded this when it was first posted, grab it again.



  1. I'm shocked! Wow!!!.
    Here is a gift. Thank you very much for this gift Elliot!


  2. Here's one of those dime-a-dozen late 70's label tax write-offs that gave plenty of choice and color to record bins, but understandably due to next to zero promotion from the groups label, Sunrise failed to ignite any warm fuzzies from the record buying public at large. I know I passed over it more than a few times based on the embarrassingly cheesy back photo of the group, but again judging a book by its cover is always foolish and a few years ago I picked it up for just a couple bucks and was pleasantly surprised.
    Produced by The Beach Boys Bruce Johnston, the mood as to be expected is upbeat and cheery and very 1970's. One can hear bits and pieces of Treasure, Styx, Pablo Cruise, Driver, Hush and a host of early AOR sounds that to this listener is a delight to the ears. Check out that ARP on 'Find Some Time'- I'm in heaven! What I like about Sunrise is they seemed to be a pop band first, AOR second. Much of the lyric content is boy meets girl, love found and lost, but the juxtaposition between rock and near bubblegum gum pop is fascinating and just when you think you have these guys figured out they throw in a fiery fusion instrumental with 'Saturn Rain'! Didn't see that one coming!
    All in all Sunrise is a fun listen that I wish I had picked up years earlier. What happened to these guys after the record tanked is not certain although keyboardist Domenic Cicchetti went on to be part of Meatloaf's touring band in the late 80's. I wonder if he included Sunrise in his resume. (

  3. Thanks for sharing E. Will give it a try!!

  4. Buddah + Beach Boys Family tree = my curiosity is piqued!
    Thanks bro
    Well my friends, here's a sweet summer treat
    that I'm very happy to finally share with everyone
    (and a significant upgrade to the tired old crappy-sounding rip
    that's been recycled everywhere)

    by The Open Window
    (Peter Schickele, Stanley Walden & Robert Dennis)
    1969 on Vanguard ...and still never released on cd anywhere
    Ripped from my excellent condition LP
    and Strongly Recommended to all!
    1. Wild Bill Hickock Rides Again
    2. At the Wedding
    3. 4:00 A.M., June; The Sky Was Green
    4. Soldier's Song, From The Last War, For The Next
    5. The Girl From Tarentum
    6. Italian Symphony
    7. Piece By The New Guy
    8. Piano Concerto No.1 In G Major
    9. The Priests Of The Raven Of Dawn
    10. Curtan Call ("Circus")

    ……… ………
    (WAV files - sounds completely Killer - this is the one!)

    ……… ………
    (320 mp3)

    ...from the back cover:

    Happily, the boundaries are shifting.

    The Open Window has been described by reviewers as a chamber-rock-jazz trio, a pop-classical ensemble, and a folk-rock-raga group, and all the names fit,
    except that they leave out the honky-tonk piano rolls and Russian chants.

    These three musicians take it all apart, and when they put it back together again, it's something new: a batch of songs, non-songs, and sort-of-songs -----
    music that will engage your mind and your toe and anything else you leave exposed to it.

    ...some of the songs have footnotes in parentheses, here's the important ones:
    2. At The Wedding (A large one, with all the relatives, some of whom come from as far away as Odessa and Brest-Litovsk)
    4. Soldier's Song, From The Last War, For The Next (The words were made up by German soldiers retreating from Russia during World War II)
    5. The Girl From Tarentum (Lyrics by Gaiuss Naeveus, translated by Jack Lindsay)
    9. The Priests Of The Raven Of Dawn (William Blake's poem "London" was written in the 1790's, but there's no need to update it, or to pretend that its not about, say,
    New York. The refrain is taken from "The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell")

    Our warmest thanks to the friends and acquaintances of Wild Bill Hickock.

    Enjoy my friends!

  5. Thanks so much for the Open Window!

  6. Hi Elliot!
    Dennis Waterman two albums I already have.
    I can not find the third album Dennis Waterman ‎– Waterman (1977)
    You have this album?



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