Sunday, May 29, 2016

Bo Grumpus

Simply lovely record featuring Eddie Mottau (see below) as well as others who became known on the Woodstock scene.



  1. What a sweet Treat! There is a delicate beauty in these finely-crafted tunes and thought-provoking lyrics...I'm into my 2nd listening already...
    ...perfect fuel for the All-Night-Time-Machine!
    Thank you bro,
    absolutely love these lost-in-time traveling gem-shows of Lps!

  2. Hello E. I really appreciate all the good work you do here and I hate to ask (and rarely do) but I have a request. Do you happen to have the 1970 album by "Rig" on Capitol. I'm into this obscure late 60's early 70's California country rock thing right now and I can't find this one around town for the life of me. Thanks so much!!