Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Libby Titus

Been reading the book "Small Town Talk," which tells the tales of the many colorful and, at times, tragic figures who populated the town of Woodstock while svengali Albert Grossman held court. Libby Titus was one. Here is her rare, first record on a Capitol imprint.



  1. Thanks for the lp, but especially thanks for the "Small Town Talk" mention. Just orderd a copy. Wonder if Bert Sommer ever lived in Woodstock (he was from Albany & last lived in Troy) and if he's mentioned in the book (being he was briefly going to be Grossman's next big thing) Also, curious what Hoskins writes about Todd Rundgren, and Bearsville in general.

  2. Neato. Thanks E. Always wanted to hear Mrs. Donald Fagen's 1st album.

  3. The book is an interesting read, but overall I find it depressing as hell. So much talent pissed away via ego and drugs. Todd gets his own chapter ... it's what you might expect. Amazing talent brought down by his own willful self-sabotage. In the end, no one, it seemed, wanted to work with him as a producer or promote his own records because of his problematic personality.