Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Very Soul of Me II

This record is a sequel to "The Very Soul of Me," which can be found HERE. On an unrelated note, the 20th Anniversary Edition of DJ Shadow's "Endtroducing" is about to be released. It will feature lots of bonuses, including liner notes by yours truly. Pick it up.


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  1. Right On E!
    Love this new album...Top Shelf Bourbon Rain...reading my mind ;)
    a great vibe is flowing here,
    prompting immediate playback!
    ...Somewhere Back There, The Longest Ride, It's All A Lie! good!
    And I'm excited to read your notes in the upcoming edition of Endtroducing :) :) :)
    Most excellent. Thank you for everything bro. Bob Jacobs recites the October Country verses,
    my sweet old Halloween decorations are going up!
    Chapter 2, in which We are very busy, indeed, at Oak Mot,
    Yes! very busy indeed.
    I followed my Dream,
    Now my Dream follows me...


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