Saturday, September 24, 2016

Vocal Hit Sounds

Yet another groovy Capitol comp.



  1. This is awesome, thanks! - Peggy Lee's cover of "My Sweet Lord" slayed me - great stuff! Although tracks one and two aren't included in the download? Curious what they were. Thanks again!

  2. The track is complete:

    1. Thanks E - guess my tracks numbered themselves differently - great stuff

  3. This is the long distance call
    Return from the land of the dead
    everything just outside of town is on sale
    some of those old-timers don't come out of the woods no more
    way down here in the Ghost Bowl
    there's not a lot of work down here
    the water is contaminated, the air is dirty, the kids at school are mean...
    ...but there's a few teachers that'll help you make it through!
    ...There's people looking out for you!
    There's some ugly lookin' creatures looking out for you!
    Scary characters looking out for you and your kin!
    way down here in the Ghost Bowl
    Now and Then,
    Some of us Make the time to feed a hungry child,
    Come In, have dinner with Us
    Once again the Tide has turned.
    The Great Storm is coming,
    but the Tide Has Turned!
    should I say something?
    I feel something should be said.
    should I say something?
    I feel something, is gonna give,
    Is gonna Give.
    We can be Heroes
    Forever And Ever

  4. Fab album. Thanks. I love this early 70's easy vocal stuff.