Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Sound Effects

From Timmy: "I came across one of the most detestable albums I have ever had to listen to. Horrific, blase, bland, halfhearted renditions of top-40 hits from 1973. All lamely done by a lousy band called the Sound Effects. Apparently, they recorded many albums, each focusing on different years, as advertised on the rear cover of this monstrosity, titled: 'Autumn '73.' " Thanks Timmy!

Side One

Side Two

Side Three

Side Four


  1. These sound-alike records are a mix of fun and disgust. Sure, it was the days before any schmo could look up the correct lyrics for almost any song, but that's no excuse for "I got a story ain't got no mother". It's "moral" you doofus!

  2. It is cheesy, cringe-worthy offerings like this that make my contributions of PayPal donations so satisfying. Much like "velvet art", kitsch and dreck like this elicit much bigger smiles now than back then. Sadly, knock-offs like these are slowly vanishing from our history, never to be recovered without efforts to preserve them like this. THANK YOU!!!