Sunday, September 10, 2017

Byron Keith Daugherty

Yet another obscure '70s singer/songwriter record, this one on the Fantasy label, which always did right by its artists (cf. John Fogerty).



  1. You sir are amazing. Thank you for this type of stuff.

  2. Wow, this guy is a dead ringer for a work mate of mine (who died recently). I did a double take when I saw this album cover. I can't find out anything about him online. This album isn't bad actually (I mean for this kinda thing). Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Since his name is so distinctive, I think I can give you a reasonable history on this guy.

    1. He was local to Elsinore, CA, recording one single as Byron and the Mortals in 1966, Do You Believe Me?/Music(Xpreshun). The A-Side has been comped on several Garage collections.

    2. I found a 45 called Please Help Me/Set Me Free(Generation) by the Generations, both side written by Byron Daughterty and this single was released in 1968. I wrote one of the band members and confirmed that Daugherty was NOT in the band. According to Wayne Newitt of the Generations:

    "We (The Generations) contacted Byron Daugherty and several other song writers (including Stephen Bishop) and asked them to play their songs for us as we searched for songs to record and we selected "Set Me Free" and "Please Help Me" to record. These were recorded at RCA Victor studios in Hollywood in May of 1968. We had a few of Byron's other songs in our repertoire, but never recorded them in the studio.

    I seem to recall seeing Byron's name on some soundtracks from the early 70's. "

    Please Help Me is in 3/4 and it is reminiscent of "Something Else"-era Kinks. Set Me Free is a mid-tempo pop number.

    3. Byron Keith Daugherty released two albums and a single. Back Door Man and Please Let My Heart Be Home were the LPs and he recorded a cover of Stevie Wonder's Golden Lady in 1972.

  4. can you re-up, please and thank you?