Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hot Parts

Oddball soundtrack featuring contributions from members of the Left Banke and Bert Sommer. Trying to keep the spirits up while the world is wracked with one horrific crisis after another. Peace to all.



  1. Hi Eliot, long time from It's Psych days. Buena salud!

    I never got around to ripping my beloved lp copy of this, found on a sleepy Saturday at the greatest record store in Northern California, the much loved Village Music in Mill Valley. It closed for regular business 10 years ago, but thankfully is now open Saturday afternoons for us mortal vinyl lovers.

    Thanks so much for this copy. Bert Sommer was at least a minor god, which Michael Brown discovered. His version of "Grand Pianist" is a killer, as his cover of Simon/Garfunkel's "America". I won't even start on his own compositions:)

    Ultra Violet herself was a fascinating woman, too good for the Warhol set IMO.


    - pv

  2. As with a number of gems that you post, I did not even know that this existed. Many thanks for sharing....some excellent material on this album!


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