Sunday, November 25, 2018



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  2. The only LP from Corliss Nelson, nice folk rock songs all written by himself. A particularly remarkable voice and some interesting orchestral arrangements. Recorded in Albuquerque, New Mexico at John Wagner Studios. The albums was produced and released by a short lived (1972-1979) Motown sublabel called "Natural Resources" (the same of the recently reissued "Two Friends" LP ). TRACKLIST & CUE: A1 - The Way I Live 0:00 A2 - I Look At Your Face 2:29 A3 - Bitter Sweet Sorrow 5:27 A4 - Anything Goes 7:39 A5 - I Like The Way You Are 10:23 B1 - Four Leaf Clover 13:08 B2 - She's Back 15:09 B3 - Way Back 17:41 B4 - Let Me Begin 19:43 B5 - Hang Nail 22:40 B6 - Love To You 25:07 CREDITS: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Violin – Corliss Nelson Arranged By [Brass] – Pat Rhodes Arranged By [Strings] – Roger Jannotta Bass – Bob Barron, Jack Kane Design Concept – John Millerburg Drums – Carl Silva, Ralph Gonzolez Electric Guitar – Nester Eaton, Rolando Baca Mastered By – Randy Kling Organ, Piano – Chuck Klingbeil Producer – John Wagner Supervised By – Leon Danielle, Tom Wilson Vibraphone – Joe Phillips Written By – C. Nelson