Friday, November 9, 2018

Goose Creek Symphony


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  2. That's a good one. I still have my brother's copy from when it was new.

  3. Thanks E. ...need a step into the past, get a little distance from the current intense oppressiveness, even if just for an Lp... a reminder of sunny days when time didn't move so fast and if you wanted to, you could carve out a little private universe and do what you like.
    Today? hahaha comment.
    Thanks again bro for everything, damn crime your links are getting taken down, sounds like the same scumbags that burn libraries.
    ...darn they got that Robb Kunkel fast...f*ckers.
    I've noticed a few of my links have been taken down too, and am in the process of re-upping everything, and will post updated list here soon :)
    ...gotta keep good music alive!!!

    so this one isn't exactly regular mondo fare, but it's a unique little goodie,
    with a heavy 80s synth vibe, even though its from '79...
    an electric eclectic-zeuhly rarity, ripped from my cd, sounds great!

    Francois Breant - Voyeur Extra-Lucide (1979)

    1. Poursuite Sur Le Peripherique Nord
    2. 8 Aout, 0H15, 125eme Rue
    3. L'Amour Au Grand Air
    4. Cadence D'Eperonnage
    5. Danse Rituelle Talmouse
    6. L'Eveil De L'Acrobate
    7. L'Obus Rouille, Trouve Dans La Dune
    8. Les Funerailles Du Voyeur
    9. We Ate The Zoo
    -good bonus tracks-
    10. KO
    11. Fille De La Ville (La Nuit)
    12. Passage De La Fonderie

    The venerable Mutant Sounds posted this Lp once upon a time,
    and, as always, did a top-notch write-up in case any info is needed ;)


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