Monday, June 27, 2016

The 18th Century Concepts

Looking for this band's other album, "Off On a 20th Century Cycle." C'mon, someone out there has this.



  1. This is a real funny record .... thank you for downloading this one !

  2. Excellent! Thanx..................
    Sort of like a high school marching band meets Benjamin Franklin.

  3. Did someone has Ray Rivamonte - Birth Of The Sun?
    I will really love to hear this record.

  4. Hi E :)
    ...Ahh Yes...
    doing one of my Favorite things on a weekend night,
    blasting one of your Most-Excellent LPs and tripping out on the good vibrations,
    letting it take me far afield into the night...perfect scene-setters for good times :)
    right now I'm about halfway thru
    'The Bell Curve (A Collection Of Instros)'
    and it is one-One-wonderful!!! Wildly gOOd!, some I've heard some I haven't,
    but the flow is soo suuuperbly smooth...I gots to have another number!
    This one is Highly recommended to all,
    and that goes for E.'s whole treasure-trove discography!
    Do yerselves A favor - Get this stimulating dankne$$ crankin' and
    fly on the HighWay
    travelling without moving, thinking is the best Way to Travel ;)
    Thank you brother
    smiles from the special doors in twilight-time
    a rich velvet vermilion hilltop
    where the time-signature
    is like a friday evening, 2nd week in July, 1984

  5. I don't find any of those requests, Mondo, except for two stray 18CC tracks I found in some anthologies. Here they are;