Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Devil You Know

And the bleached sun it does not flatter
All them babies getting fatter
And the moms and the dads
They waltz around grotesque
As they dance this strange burlesque


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  1. Love E -N- Them devil blues!
    A Timely & excellent Album...Very strong!
    'Lopsided Blues'-'Stupidity'-'The Devil's Been Busy'-'I Can Dream Can't I?'
    are just some of the stand-out gems!
    ...piece these together in a single narrative and
    there's the current set-up out there, in all its summer madness...
    ...a Strange Burlesque indeed.
    I Can Dream, Can't I? ...yes yes yes :)
    ...the rain and thunder fade-out is so dam sweet!
    Thank you Bro


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