Monday, January 18, 2016

Roger Shriver

Part of my ongoing quest to track down every obscure artist that was on Buddah Records. Got any suggestions?



  1. Life is like a river...not too bad, nice and mellow
    Thank you mondomaster, we digs de buddah stuff too!
    Hey what about 'Tony Bruno - Beauty Of Bruno' (1967)...I heard that the original version on Buddah kicks off with a long toke on a joint before going into 'My Yellow Bird'...dig! The reissue on capitol omitted this finer detail, which I think is a shame...
    One week till Halloween! ...and magic's in the air!!
    Ya Hoo!!!

  2. Wow. Nice one. Never heard of it. Thanks for sharing. Buddah soft rock and folk? Jim Weatherly "Songs Of" album comes to mind.


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