Monday, January 18, 2016

The Sentimental Education of Eliot Wilder

Here's a collection of tracks you won't find on my Bandcamp page. It's my very first solo album, recorded over the course of several years (starting around 2002) at Woolly Mammoth Sound here in Boston. When I began this project, I'd not thought about writing songs in about 20 years, but with the encouragement and help of Dave Westner (who plays all over thing), I found myself slowly flexing that muscle again. Some of these tunes, like "Sensitive Boy," "Nobody," and "Hard Won" were written as far back as the late 1970s for my old band, Catch 22 (these versions were rerecorded for this album). The song "True" goes pretty far back as well, and was transferred from a crummy old cassette into the digital realm, where I added new instruments and vocals. I have a great fondness for these songs; they may not be my absolute best, but they were my starting point. This album goes out to Bob Gartland (my old songwriting buddy) and Natalia Cooper, who provided backing vocals and sang a spine-shivering lead on "Everyone's Gone to the Moon."

As a side note, this record was named after my old web site, which, curiously, has now been hijacked by a Japanese company selling hair tonic. Why they stole my domain name - and why they think it is appropriate for their products - I will never know. It's a crazy old world.


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