Monday, January 11, 2016

Broken Things

To say that Bowie was an influence is to understate matters. At one point, a huge chunk of my old band's live set consisted of songs like "The Jean Genie," "Suffragette City," and "All the Young Dudes." Painful to imagine him gone. David, this one is for you.



  1. Eliot, would you be able to post some of those live Bowie covers you did?

  2. The recordings have been lost to time (and the water in my parent's old basement) ages ago.

  3. RIP David Bowie. Not only does the world owe him a debt of gratitude with his classic rock albums but also does Glam and Electronic music. And he got to sing with Bing Crosby too. He will be missed.

  4. One of my earliest memories was feeling bad for Major Tom, stuck floating out in space, and thinking it was so cool that Peter Schilling had a "response" with Major Tom (Coming Home)...I got Let's Dance on loud right now and David, this number's for you...Thank you for All the wonderful music and Labyrinth will always be among my most favorites.
    Heroes for ever and ever
    Fly Free!
    The End Of An Era indeed