Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Different Rosie ...

In which Sesame Street gets down with its bad self.


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  1. Oh man Thank You so much for this great jewel!
    A sweet little time capsule from happier days,
    when things from popular culture still had some worth and
    good vibrations could sneak in and make our lives better...alas,
    those days are long gone,
    replaced by grim worthless lowtones of lifeless dead...
    ...oh well...Winds of Change are blowing
    and with One-One-Wonderful music we stay one step ahead!
    ...yes this is a classic Sesame St. lp, right up there with Daydreamin' Davy!
    Good Shit
    Roosevelt and Mobity Mosely! ha ha So Good
    you put a big smile on my face
    Thank You Brother