Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Establishment

So I bought this record off eBay, and it's actually much better than I thought it would be. Kind of soul-ish in a WASP-y cream-puff way. Enjoy this vinyl rip!



  1. Thank you very much!
    If you do not mind, put this album on your blog.

  2. Question. What is the composition of this group.
    There is some sort of information on the back cover?

  3. Cue File from this Album:

    REM DATE 1971
    PERFORMER "The Establishment"
    TITLE "The Establishment"
    FILE "01 Side One.mp3" WAVE
    TITLE "Why Is She All I See"
    INDEX 01 00:00:00
    TITLE "In My Heart I Am A Free Man"
    INDEX 01 03:21:00
    TITLE "Talk To Me, Talk To Me"
    INDEX 01 06:41:00
    TITLE "MacArthur Park"
    INDEX 01 10:02:00
    TITLE "Stop Fightin', Start Lovin'"
    INDEX 01 14:42:00
    FILE "02 Side Two.mp3" WAVE
    TITLE "Samantha"
    INDEX 01 00:00:00
    TITLE "House Of Jack"
    INDEX 01 04:05:00
    TITLE "Round And Round"
    INDEX 01 06:48:00
    TITLE "Can You Stay?"
    INDEX 01 09:53:00
    TITLE "Holly Holy"
    INDEX 01 13:02:00

  4. By far the best music blog on the net!
    Thank you!

  5. Info from discog:

    Hide Credits
    a1 Why Is She All I See
    Lead Vocals – Matt Vernon
    a2 In My Heart I Am A Free Man
    Lead Vocals – Larry Meredith
    a3 Talk To Me, Talk To Me
    Lead Vocals – Lois LaBonte
    a4 MacArthur Park
    Lead Vocals – Marilou Volk
    a5 Stop Fightin', Start Lovin'
    Lead Vocals – Larry Meredith
    b1 Samantha
    Lead Vocals – Marilou Volk
    b2 House Of Jack
    Lead Vocals – Larry Meredith
    b3 Round And Round
    Lead Vocals – Matt Vernon
    b4 Can You Stay ?
    Lead Vocals – Marilou Volk
    b5 Holly Holy
    Lead Vocals – Matt Vernon
    Companies etc
    Distributed By – Starday-King Records – KS-1123

    1. I saw it on discog's.
      It is interesting to know who musicians?

  6. The back cover doesn't offer the musicians, just the singers ... none of whose names (Bill Bowersock?) I recognize. The record is produced by some dude named D'Arneill Pershing, who also provided the "vocal and instrumental arrangements." Hope that helps.

  7. «The Singing Establishment»

    'LAS VEGAS, Nev. (UPI) -Ten young men and women, who say "we don't agree with everything the Establishment does but we'll never be caught marching around a courthouse," have added a new dimension to that much-abused aspect of political life.
    In fact, the 10 — five young imen and five young women — have adopted the name, "The Kstablishmenl," for their sing-ing and dancing act that critics say is the hottest entertainment attraction since the Fifth, Dimension.
    Although only two years old, the Establishment already has a number of "firsts'1 to its credit.
    It is the first, perhaps only, singing group to incorporate. Each member Is a stockholder.
    It disdains hard rock, acid rock, even thundering jive popular among young people to create a "new sound" that Larry Meredith a former Marine who is the leader of the group, said "we hope will be acceptable to a-U ages — effectively bridging the generation gap."
    Appearing on Las Vegas' glittering Strip, the Establishment underscored its versatility and range by introducing their interpretation of *Aquarius" and "People Got to Be Free," then breaking into "Born Free" and moving on to "Cry," the song that Johnny Hay made famous, and finally resurrecting a World War I song, "When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again," and giving it a modern sound.
    14 The Establishment may mean different things to different people," Meredith said, "• but to us it is just a name for the group. We ad-mit we first used it as an attention-getter and it stuck.
    "However, we don't agree with those young people who contend that everything people over 30 think and say is wrong.
    "We may not a-gree with ev-' erything but, gosh, that doesn't mean anything. There are ways to disagree without tearing | things apart. We're not hippies; or speed freaks and we're too busy doing our own thing the best we can to join some of those misguided factions."
    Meredith, 6 feet 3,180 pounds, attended junior college in his home own of Bakersfield, Calif.,' then the University of California at Riverside, Calif, where he majored in music with a pre-med minor. He intended to study medicine when music ca'Ugttt his interest.
    The Establishment was organized in 1968 by Leonard Grant, an artists' manager, choreographer Howard Parker and musician director D'Arneill iPershing, who had made a daring promise to provide a singing group for Andy Griffith who then was readying a show for Las Vegas.
    They had two weeks to put the group together and they did — welding 10 musical individualists, soloists, into a choral whole. To tohis they added dancing to mak^ a singing-dancing act fchat has scored in West Coast niteries and now is turning to records.
    The members of the Establishment span the continent • Bill Bowersock hails from Kansas City; Suzy Oadham was born and raised in Winnipeg, i.Manitoba; Michael Cody is a native of Chicago; Ron Dexter is from Ohio; Lois LaBonte born in Montana-; Jean Lyons is from California; Phyllis Mitchell hails from Baltimore, Matt Vornon is from Atlanta, Ga., and Marilou Muncly from California,
    "We are not trying to entertain any specific ago group — we are just trying to entertain," Meredith said. "We are interested In appealing to young people, of course, but an appeal to all ages is more universal.
    "in a nutshell, we have only one goal — just to entertain." He grinned. "If we do that • maybe the real Establishment will look -better."

  8. THE ESTABLISHMENT - Shown are members of The Establishment, a singing-dancing ensemble. Front row, from left, Diane Pershing, Michael Cody, Lois LiBonte, Dane Weaver. Back row, from left, Bll Bowersock, Dee Steele, Jimmy Mlchaeles, Marllou Volk, Larry Meredith, Mellnda McCurdy.

    'Establishment' Facing Problem In Eating Style

    (1972 New York Hows,
    World Right Reserved)

    STUDIO CITY, Calif. - 'The guys may sty we have better palates than the girts, but our biggest problem is eating on the road." said Michael Cody, a distant relative of "Buffalo Bill" and one of the five guys in the 10-member singing-dancing ensemble known as The Establishment. "We're at the mercy of restaurants or our own cooking!"
    The group's foodstyles arc typically a ntl -establishment and are strongly motivated by the demands imposed by the regimen of frequent concert and video appearances that keep them on the road nearly 25 weeks a year. This summer they are concentrating on a series of Georgia-Pacific Imagination! Specials which are being syndicated to some 200 TV stations starting the third week in May. We concentrated particularly on Cody and Lois l^aBonte
    "We have three vegetarians in Ihe group." Mike said, "and that sometimes poses some problems in restaurants. But we're all very conscious of our diet and try to get enough vitamins and minerals because our work is exhausting and the hours long. Being very individualistic, every body has his own thing, too. I. for one. prefer to eat before the show; others prefer to eat afterwards.
    "Last year, when we were In South Dakota, the feUas were all rooming together so we took turns cooking And trying to find something that would please everybody was not always easy. (Hii choice: a big salad, with or without meat). As a group, we're very aware ol pollution and we've got a couple of people in the group who read a lot about it and vitamins and mine rali (Dane Weaver especially) and keep the rest of us informed!"
    Blonde Loii LaBonte li more calorie-conscious. "I can't speak for the whole group 1 haven't sampled all their cooking ~ we don't socialize except when we are on the road which may be the reason we get along so well — but 1 like dinner after a performance because when I eat a lot. I don't sing well. 1 usually do the high work, the soprano work and that takes a let of bread control.

  9. I also have sort of a hereditary weight problem K I'm constantly dieting. I make a wonderful stew, but I prefer more to eat eggs, fish and cheese to get the protein. On occasion HI eat a good steak, especially when someone lakes me out on a dale!" she laughed. "Few of us carry along cooking "props" but sometimes I'll pack my pressure cooker and fix some great vegetables without cooking the dayllghu out of them. Usually I'll do It when we're in Vegas or someplace like that where we'D be staying a while."
    Capsuled remarks from interviews with the other eight members of the group follow: MARILOU VOLK : "Entertaining guests on tour Is pretty difficult because of limited facilities and time. But. when I have a kitchenette. I like to cook for friends and to lick the time factor 1 use a pressure cooker. I just pack it In with the electric curlers and It's beautiful because in minutes I can have a gourmet meal, even though it may get served on paper plates!"
    DIANE PERSHING: "Sitting around between tapingi and rehearsals can lead to nibbling so we've found it's great to go to health stores and stock up on things like pumpkin seeds, nuts or fruit bars. They're great because they're not what I call 'junk food.' Having fresh vegetables and fruits around and keeping your hands busy with sewing or needlepoint keep the pound* off, too."
    LARRY MEREDITH: "I love to get bowllon cubes or little packets of instant soups I always carry a little electric coil that heats water in the cup and the cost of these healthy foods is right too. I also find a cup of soup gives me quick energy in a flash."
    Mellnda McCurdy: "Certain cities have a reputation for 'difficult water' so I dnnk bottled water when I'm there. Another thing we always do is keep a bottle of blackberry...