Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Larry Henley

From the interwebs: Larry Henley was the lead singer of the Newbeats, the man lending the 1960s trio the high vibrato-laden voice that made "Bread and Butter" a left-field hit. While this would remain the group's high water mark as hitmakers, singles would continue sneaking out into the mid-'70s. Concurrently, Henley released sporadic solo singles and turned to songwriting, at which he's piled up writing credits on many country and pop hits over the past few decades. Along the way a lone solo LP emerged: 1975's Piece A Cake. Recorded with Capricorn labelmates Fallenrock, Henley and company work in a swamp rock mode that's surprisingly funky at times with "Love Junkie" and "Rock & Roll Me a Number," tunes that showcase his inimitable vocals best. There is also an interesting take on an early Sam Cooke hit, "I'll Come Running Back to You," and another of a standard from his own pen, "Till I Get It Right." I guess I can forgive him for writing "Wind Beneath My Wings" now.



  1. Thanks So Mutch!
    Larry Henley - His Girl (Single)

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  4. Brian Cadd - Yestrday Dreams