Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

Great soundtrack or greatest soundtrack? This one goes out to Mr. Ebert.


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  1. Hang Cool Teddybear!
    Oh yes G-G-Great soundtrack
    but not the greatest,
    That title goes to the phenomenal masterpiece OST,
    Follow Me!!
    ...both by the MR. Super Stu Phillips!
    Thank You so much brother for this dope slab
    <def upgrade from whut I had :)

    ps....for some good vibrations and a real listening treat
    spin the 'Follow Me OST'
    then the Moodys 'Days Of Future Passed' immediately after...'s first the joyous adventure Day
    then the psychedelic mastery Night
    long lost lovers
    reunited for a time-traveler's waltz