Monday, September 1, 2014

The Mind Expanders

What's happening? According to the back cover of this record, mad "mod" clothes, op art, pop art, uninhibited dancing, and far-out "psychedelic" music - that's what's happening. Speaking of what's happening, Mondo Exploito just passed the 100,000-visitor mark.



  1. Ahh yes, Mind Expanders, perfect for a lazy late summer day...
    dig the mysterious Love Syndrome,
    takin that psychedelic bicycle for a Downtown Trip
    into a groovy Night On Bald Mountain (dig this version!)
    very nice bro :) small way of saying thanks...
    Here is Roger Glover's great solo lp from 1978, 'Elements'
    This has always been one of my favorites,
    the last three tracks make up the 2nd side of the lp,
    and man are they heartfelt cosmic excellence...
    ...some of the finer moments recorded here on this 3-D trip...
    This rip comes from my very rare 1993 Connoisseur Collection VSOP cd, and it's top-notch!

    Roger Glover - Elements 1978

    Enjoy my friends &
    Thank you Eliot