Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Follow Me

By request, here's a re-up the surf soundtrack, "Follow Me," which features songs by Dino, Desi and Billy as well as lush orchestral passages from composer Stu Phillips.



  1. Masterpiece theater! It was love at first listen with this exotic treasure map
    (eternal thanks to the RT66!), full of riches, hidden wonders and good vibrations...
    ...take the trip thru spray colored glasses I do say!
    (hey are those Brian's glasses?)
    one-one-wonderful golden summer sounds
    elements of Days Of Future Passed echo in my head
    ...and I've said this before but for a real listening treat
    spin the 'Follow Me OST'
    then the Moodys 'Days Of Future Passed' immediately after...
    ...it's first the joyous adventure Day
    then the psychedelic mastery Night
    long lost lovers
    reunited for a time-traveler's waltz

    and here's a special treat for the season unfolding,
    a mix I did back in 2010, appropriately titled,
    'October Country'
    1. Introduction - Bob Jacobs
    2. October Country - Bob Jacobs
    3. You're Lost Little Girl - The Doors
    4. Cabinessence - The Beach Boys
    5. Map And Willie - Goonies OST
    6. Little Brother - Grizzly Bear
    7. Takeoff... - Franklin
    8. Images - The Freeborne
    9. Looking For The Tour Guide - Aggregation
    10. Umi Tsuki... - Tsutsi Yasutaka & Yamashita Yosuke
    11. ...Sign - Ghostbusters OST
    12. October Country - Michael McGinnis
    13. Sad Man's Theme - Christian Kolonovits
    14. A Horse With No Name - America
    15. Mr. Green Genes - The Mothers Of Invention
    16. Dark Trip To Edge City - Major Arcana
    17. Mobius Trip - H.P. Lovecraft
    18. Serpentine Lane - Perry Leopold
    19. Judgement Day... - Ghostbusters OST
    20. KITT To The Rescue - Knight Rider OST
    21. Desert Drive - Tangerine Dream
    22. Orange Ice - Michael McGinnis
    23. Ritual Gypsy Music Opus 1~October Country~Odyssey - The Smoke

    October Country


    Please come visit us here in October Country,
    there's peaceful magic in the gentle hills around
    and mysterious side-shows of the mind in the mist of time...
    See you soon!

  2. Great batch of songs! Thanks OC.

  3. Could you PLEASE re-up...Thanks