Sunday, March 6, 2016


From Allmusic: Farquahr were mainstays on the Boston and New Haven folk scene in the 1960s and '70s; blending humor with music, they cut an album for Verve in 1968 as the Fabulous Farquahr, and shortened the name to Farquahr when they recorded their second (and last) album for Elektra in 1970.



  1. Love that Buddah sound, lovely echoes of a bygone golden era...shares a similar special place in my heart as the "Boston Sound" artists (among my very favorites, I mean how can you top Fabulous Farquahr, Orpheus, Chamaeleon Church-yeah Chevy!, Beacon Street Union, Bobby Callender, etc.?!?) Thanks for the pleasant flashback bro...I got some spring goodies to share real soon!

  2. Holy Front Page Review Batman! Can't believe I forgot to add Ultimate Spinach in my Bosstown faves rundown!! Without 'Behold And See' where would we be? The Freeborne, Tangerine Zoo, Listening, and Ill Wind are right up there too...doesn't get much better my friend.