Saturday, August 1, 2015

Leon Russell

Released in 1973, shortly after the success of his single "Tightrope," "Looking Back" contains instrumental tracks that were recorded in the mid-1960s, featuring Russell on harpsichord, Tommy Tedesco on guitar, Jimmy Bend on bass, and Earl Palmer on drums. Neither the record nor album sleeve give writing credits for any of the songs.



  1. This is the same album and I was surprised that keyboards are the main instrument on the Glen Campbell album:
    I downloaded it sometime ago,but can't find it now.
    It had superior sound.
    Thanks for widening my knowledge!

  2. So, this is basically a Wrecking Crew recording...
    The docu. "sneak preview" is coming soon:

  3. Found this one in a record store a few years back cheap. Had a feeling it was the WC because of the tracks; seemed like an early Leon repackage. Nice one E!!

  4. If I might offer a correction, the bass player here is Jimmy Bond, and the tune “The Man With The Golden Gun” is one that the aptly named Bond wrote for a project called “Sounds For A Secret Agent,” released in 1965 by David Lloyd & His London Orchestra. The record offered Lloyd’s arrangements of tunes from the first three James Bond movies – “Dr. No,” “From Russia With Love” and “Goldfinger” – and new tunes named after most of the rest of Ian Fleming’s Bond novels. (“Thunderball” was excluded, probably because the film was in production for a 1965 release.) Here’s a link to how bassist Bond’s tune sounded on the Lloyd record: