Friday, August 14, 2015

Alex Harvey

Here are two records by U.S. artist Alexander Harvey, responsible for penning such songs as "Delta Dawn" (by Tanya Tucker), "Reuben James" (by Kenny Rogers), and "Rings" (a country hit by the Glaser Brothers and a pop hit by Cymarron). Sourced from my vinyl. Still hoping for someone to come through with his other solo releases (see wish list below).



  1. I'm so glad you have these! These were among the stack of Alexa Harvey albums that Alex gave me and I have somehow lost track of. I can't get the personal inscriptions back, but at least now I have the music again! You're the best!

  2. RIch ... so did you ever rip the album you said you had?

  3. Hi , please, this is other wish list : Ellie Greenwich composes, produces and sing (1969)
    Sue Raney _ alive and in love LP
    Roger Nichols & The Small Circle Of Friends ‎– Full Circle

    thank you very much for good music !!! Cristian

  4. Unfortunately the link is dead.
    If possible could you please reupload
    Best regards


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