Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Great Metropolitan Steam Band

If ragtime and vaudeville are your thing, then this record is for you. By request.



  1. THX.
    This is my requst list:
    Randy Edelman - The Laughter And The Tears
Severin Browne - Severin Browne
    Valdy - Landscapes
    Harriet Schock - She’s Low Clouds
    Grimaldi/Zeiher - Grimaldi/Zeiher
Megan McDonough – Megan Music
    Mike Kennedy – Louisiana
    Marc Wirtz – Hothouse Smiles
    Megan McDonough – Keepsake
    Phil Ochs – Kansas City Bomber
Sherman Hayes – Vagabonds Roost
    Jim Sullins – Inside Thunder Outside Laughing
    Barry McGuire – Lighten Up
    Susan Webb – Bye-Bye Pretty Baby
Cyndi Grecco – Makin' Our Dreams Come True
Silverado – Silverado
    Tom Bresh – Homemade Love
Paul Bogush Jr. – Expect To Hear From Me Again
Maffitt & Davis – October In Oxnard
    Dennis Budimir - The Session With Albert
    Dinsmore Payne - Dinsmore Payne
    Big Sur Choir - Peaceable
    Martin & Finley - Dazzle 'Em With Footwork
Wings Livinryte - Your Love Keeps Me Off The Street
Joe Yamanaka - To The New World
    Mayumi Itsuwa - Today
    Randy Richards - Randy Richards
Richie Lecea - Face To Face
    Grag Smaha - Grag Smaha
Guthrie Thomas - Hobo Eagle Thief
    Bernard Grimaldi - Toute Ressemblance Avec Des Personnes Ayant...
    Larry Groce - Medicine Man
    Chuck Girard - Take It Easy
    Ray Rivamonte - Birth Of The Sun
    Kei Ogura - Dream Chasing People
    Bobby Lester - Bobby Lester
    Ann McNamee - Crazy In Heaven

    If somebody have anything i will be very happy.
    Thank you very much.

  2. I'm playing this one on my turntable right now. It's my favorite version of "Basin Street Blues."