Thursday, May 4, 2017

Sing a Song With the Beatles

I bet that, back in the day, I would've bought this one thinking it was an actual Beatles album. I'm sure that's what the label, Tower, was thinking I'd think, too.



  1. How did they get away with this without a law suit? I understand that capitol was the parent Co. of Tower, but still, Epstien should have raised hell>..

  2. Good evening from Guatemala, CA, please upload this great album again, please, we would like to thank you very much.

  3. Here's a new link:

    Better grab it while you can as it keeps getting deleted.

  4. Hey, my friend, I appreciate it a lot, I'm not 100% fan of The Beatles, but it's a record worth appreciating, I'm 65 years old and I love rock n roll at age 5, take good care of yourself and I wish you Better, congratulations!


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