Thursday, May 4, 2017

King's Road

By request, here's King's Road performing "live" at the Watkins Glen festival. The fake crowd sounds on this are pretty freakin' hilarious.



  1. As I have explained to Astrid, I do not have the S&G album, but I do have Kings' Rd.'s "Beatles" album & their "Today's Pops" album....

  2. If you could share a link with those, that'd be great!

  3. OK, here you are, by popular demand, King's Road "Today's Pops":

    And, as if that weren't enough, here's King's Road "The Beatles 1962-1970":

    A big Caveat Emptor to all; These LP's were NOT in very optimum condition, thus many impurities abound. We aint just talkin' scuffs & boogers, but huge gouges & canyon like craters, as well as acid-like splotches permeating the lesser variety of vinyl. . I felt obliged to leave the skips & poops present, as I feel, the quality serves the product, as the performances contained herein are deservant of such baggage.

  4. These are actually pretty good albums, despite all the skips and whatnot. But something happened during "Maybe I'm Amazed" ... the lead guitar is so inept that it had me laughing.

  5. Here is a sleep inducing Simon & Garfunkel cover LP:


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