Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Album

Not to be outdone, I'm guessing, by Warner's Loss Leaders series, A&M put together this comp. The label's dedication at the time to artists over hit-makers shines through. Ah, thems were the days.



  1. A soft spring rain falls, gentle on my mind...
    thanks E for sharing the sounds of long gone days,
    always feels good to wriggle my toes in the sands of time...
    ...reminds me of Bilbo Baggins reciting the good things in his life,
    his 'pleasant things': Eggs and bacon...A good, full pipe...
    ...My garden at twilight...Cakes.
    Well I finally got everything I had shared back up, plus some wildcards too, so if there's something you don't recognize, get it!!
    Here they are: -my comps are first/then my rare shit-
    -Into The Great
    -3 A.M. Halloween
    -Minutes To Go!
    -The Spell Breaks!
    -Red In The
    -Travel Time
    -The Hour Of Doom VII
    -The Hour Of Doom VII
    -The Hour Of Doom VII
    -The Open Window [320]
    -TheOpenWindow[wav pt.1]
    -TheOpenWindow[wav pt.2]
    -TheOpenWindow[wav pt.3]
    - :)
    -Breathe Owl
    -Love Corp
    -Biff Rose

  2. reup of
    XmasEveNightMagic (it got mysteriously deleted...)

    everything else is still up and running!