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The Shacklefords

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  1. The Shacklefords Sing - The Shacklefords (1966)

    Label: Rev-Ola Records
    Catalog#: CRREV 270
    Format: CD Album
    Released: Nov. 24, 2008
    Country: UK
    Genre: Country, Folk
    Styles: Folk Revival, Country-Folk-Pop
    Duration: 00:31:40

    The Shacklefords was een Amerikaanse folkgroep, die in in 1963 in Los Angeles werd opgericht door Marty Cooper en Lee Hazlewood. De naam is ontleend aan die van Hazlewoods vrouw, Naomi Shackleford. Mercury Records gaf hun eerste album uit, getiteld Until You've Heard the Shacklefords You Ain't Heard Nothing Yet. Op dit album zongen Cooper, Hazlewood, Gracia Nitzsche (toenmalig echtgenote van Jack Nitzsche) en Albert Stone. Zij werden begeleid door James Burton, Hal Blaine, Billy Strange en Al Casey. Op het door Capitol Records uitgegeven tweede album (The Shacklefords Sing) zongen Cooper, Hazlewood en Shackleford. Geen van de albums was in commercieel opzicht een succes. Met het liedje "Muddy Muddy River" bereikten ze in april 1971 echter wel de elfde plaats in de Oostenrijkse hitlijst. Het door Hazlewood opgerichte platenlabel HLI Records bracht in de periode 1966-1968 nog drie singles uit, waarna de groep uit elkaar ging. (wiki)

    Any project involving Lee Hazlewood is virtually guaranteed a high degree of quality, even when the material is commercially targeted and, often, purely exploitative. All that is the case with The Shacklefords Sing, a project that ostensibly consisted of three fresh-faced kids singing in a folk-revival style, but actually featured the wizened Hazlewood plus fellow songwriter/producer Marty Cooper and Hazlewood's former wife, nee Naomi Shackleford. Such dubious origins rarely score in an artistic sense, but as with other Hazlewood projects, there are many bright moments. The arrangements were broad but sharply punctuated with brass and the songwriting material had quite a few high points, so Hazlewood fans with patience and open minds will easily enjoy this record, even though it's miles away from the usual Hazlewood work, wise and world-weary. That said, the highlights shine much more brightly than the rest; two of Hazlewood's originals, "The City Never Sleeps" and "Muddy Muddy River," are infectious singalongs that had been naturals for the folk/pop chart crossover rampant during the late '50s and early '60s. The trio's cover of "Five Feet High and Risin'" is excellent as well, but the LP is dragged down slightly by derivative Cooper songs like "One" and "Ain't It?, Babe." Hazlewood fans who have heard the highlights on other compilations can safely avoid this one; the rest of the record is for completists only.~ Review by John Bush


    01. The City Never Sleeps 02:51
    02. One 01:53
    03. Ain't It?, Babe 02:28
    04. Mansion of Tears 02:16
    05. Muddy Muddy River 02:27
    06. The Leaves 01:52
    07. Let the Good Times Roll 02:44
    08. Everything I Touch Turns to Tears 02:47
    09. Not the Lovin' Kind 02:30
    10. Five Feet High and Risin' 02:10
    11. That Old Freight Train 02:25
    12. The Biplane, Evermore 02:56
    13. First Street Blues 02:21

    Vocals – Lee Hazlewood, Marty Cooper, Naomi Shackleford

    Marty Cooper - Composer, Producer
    Hugh Davies - Engineer
    Joe Foster - Producer, Recreation
    Shirley Goodman - Composer
    Rory Guy - Animation
    Lee Hazlewood - Composer, Producer
    Leonard Lee - Composer
    Andy Morten - Artwork, Design, Producer
    Nick Roberts - Recreation
    The Shacklefords - Primary Artist
    Duglas T. Stewart - Liner Notes



  2. Please help My!?

    Please help find this album:
    Cliff Edwards - Transition (1973)

    Label: Polydor
    Catalog#:2424 071
    Country: Canada

    A1. Follow Me
    A2. You've Gone Away
    A3. I Wish I Were Going Back Home
    A4. Faces
    A5. I Know I Can
    B1. Still Lovin' You
    B2. Hold Me
    B3. Uncle Dad And Auntie Mom
    B4. Everybody's Going His Own Way
    B5. Living In The Country

    Just came out on a compilation CD

    Share it, if anyone has this album.

  3. Sorry ... been looking for that one as well. If I find it, I'll post it.

  4. Elliot, compilation Cliff Edwards - Through the Years (2013) posted on his blog on format FLAC.

    Come visit my blog.

    Alex ..


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