Monday, January 13, 2014

Stuart Margolin

Nifty solo record from Rockford crony and former Parade member.



  1. He made an album? I never liked him, but grew to tolerate him on Rockford. I'm curious to hear this one.

  2. Side One:
    A1. Brown-Eyed Handsome Man/Too Much Monkey Business 02:53
    (Chuck Berry) Arc Music Corp. - BMI
    A2. Ain't That Lovin Baby 03:01
    (Jlrrroy Reed) Arc Music Corp. - BMI
    A3. Redball Texas Flyer 02:33
    A4. Buyin', Beggin', Stealin' 01:59
    A5. Silver Dollar 03:04
    A6. Northbound 03:55
    (Stuart Margolin) Ganges Music/Iriqudis Music - BMI
    All Songs Written by Jerry Riopelle & Stuart Margolin except as indicated.
    All Songs Published by Irving Music, Inc./Blue Tampa Music/Ganges Music - BMI except as indicated.
    Side Two:
    B1. Silly Old Gigolo 03:43
    (Jerry Riopelle) Blue Tampa Music - BMI
    B2. Smooth Goin' Out Of My Mind 03:03
    (Jerry Riopelle/Stuart Margolin) Ganges Music/Iriqudis Music - BMI
    B3. Ain't That Just Like Love 02:25
    (Jerry Riopelle/Stuart Margolin) Blue Tampa Music/Ganges Music - BMI
    B4. Huntsville Home 02:57
    (Stuart Margolin/Murray MacLeod) Ganges Music - BMI/Sweetbody Music - ASCAP
    B5. You Ought To Say Me A Prayer 02:52
    (Stuart Margolin) Ganges Music/Iriqudis Music - BMI
    B6. Waltz Across Texas 04:01
    (Talnadge Tubb) Ernest Tubb Music - BMI

    1980 Traxx Studio, Los Angeles, CA/ Sumet-Bernet
    Sound Studios, 7027 Twin Hills Ave., Dallas, TX – Stuart Margolin
    Producer by Jerry Riopelle, Murray MacLeod
    Engineered by Mike McDonald

    Byron Berline, Johnny Gimble - Fiddle
    Chuck Findley - Trombone, Trumpet
    Gerry Gibson - Drums
    Tamara Hall - Synthesizer
    John Harris, Marc Jacob - Bass
    Curly Hollingsworth - Piano
    Jim Horn - Saxophonist, Horn
    Michael McDonald - Keyboards, Vocals (Background)
    Nawasa Crowder - Vocals (Background)
    Jim Messina, Eldon Shamblin - Guitar
    Frank Morrocco - Accordion
    Wayne Nelson - Bass, Vocals (Background)
    Herb Remington - Guitar (Steel)
    Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee - Harmonica
    Stuart Margolin - Vocals



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