Saturday, April 1, 2017

Lewis and Clarke Expedition

An upgrade, with thanks to Faltonia!

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  1. Ooo Ooo! Greatness indeed! Forgotten tales from the Golden Oasis,
    once in a know my life was saved by rock n roll ...but
    this town ain't the same anymore... circles the nexus...
    oh man this is sure stirrin up some ghosts for me...sure do love it.
    Windy day, you say...
    Where's The Fireman? cause everybody loves a fire!
    why need they pretend ...
    Hey Gypsy Song Man, play me a song....
    old friends, old friends
    sat on their park bench
    like bookends...
    can you imagine us
    years from today,
    sharing a park bench quietly?
    how terribly strange
    to be seventy.
    old friends,
    memory brushes the same years...
    Time it was,
    and what a time it was,
    It was...
    a time of innocence,
    a time of confidences.
    long must be...
    I have a photograph.
    Preserve your memories;
    They're all that's left you

    Thanks big time bro :) and PK Limited?!? *Flash!* *Bam!* *Pow!*

    (October splits to pick up the pieces of his blown mind)